Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys has been in business for over 10 years, selling quality, open-ended, creative toys, games, and gifts that enterain and educate.  The company focuses on high quality, non-violent, non-licensed toys that you don't typically see in the mass market stores.  Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, the founders Mark and Karen Carson run a family owned and operated business with an online store and a storefront for customers to come in and enjoy the thousands of wonderful products they've chosen from around the world.  Not only do they distribute a fun selection of toys and games, but they have also created many of their own products under their brand, Fat Brain Toys. 

The highly popular, Squigz, won an American Specialty Toy Retailing Associaion Best Toys for Kids 2013 award!  Squigz is a "Suction Construction" toy that promotes creativity and imaginative play in adults and children alike!  They added to the collection with a fun play toy called Teeter Popper!  It's simple to maneuver and kids can stand, sit, tilt, rock, wobble, spin or scoot all while hearing the fun and addictive POP POP POP sound! In 2016, Fat Brain Toys won another Best Toys for Kids, Early Play award for its Spin Again toy!  Look for these and more in the catalogue!

You can't miss the new Timber Tots imaginative playsets! Parents will remember these playsets from when they were a kid living in a magical world of nature. The pop and play collection includes the iconic Magic Treehouse, Mushroom Surprise House, Enchanted Park, Hazelnut House, Adventure Bus (and other vehicles like an ATV, helicopter, and car), plus a cast of four adorable Creature Families! Kids (and parents) will fall in love (all over) with this collection of retro creative playsets, reimagined! 

Take a look at these imaginative Timber Tots Collection playsets - a Toy of the Year 2020 finalist for Playset of the Year!

Outset Media is proud to be a distributor of Fat Brain Toys across Canada.