Blue Orange Games


Blue Orange Games is a standout game company with a passion for making games that get people to unplug and bond for hours.  The company was founded in 1999 by Thierry Denoual in San Francisco, California.  Where does the name come from?  The name is a reference to a poem by French Poet Paul Eluard, "The Earth is Blue Like an Orange." He believed the name matched his vision of a harmonious planet.


Goblet! was Thierry's first invention and it was an instant success. Over the years, he created more than 50 games including Yamslam, Pengoloo, Zimbbos, and Sumoku. The company is stacked with award winning games, one of which is a Spiel des Jahres Games of the Year Winner, Kingdomino! Equally as impressive, Blue Orange also has a Mensa Select Winner in its green strategy board game, Photosynthesis! And you can't overlook the popular Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game of !

Outset Media is excited to be the Canadian distributor for a company with such eco-conscious values and desire to bring quality games to families around the world.