Dave Manga Talks Board Games with JD Moffat On Jewel 99.3

22 April 2021

During the pandemic, we've heard a lot about the craze over puzzles.  There was an intervew with Dave early on in 2020 where he likened the sales for puzzles to toilet paper. It was accurate. Puzzles were incredibly difficult to find, and they are still incredibly popular one year later, though our supply for Cobble Hill puzzles is slightly better now (thankfully).

However, there has also been a surge in board and card games. If you've been following along with our Latest News, you may have read Corey's articles about how to play safe during the pandemic and what options are available one year later, both with a nod to online games. But there has also been a rise in families picking up tangible familiar games, the classic board and card games. Outset Media does well in the traditional games arena with classic offerings from trivia to charades, which can be fun for the whole family. Since families are still hunkering down together as we go back and forth on stay at home orders, board games continue to be the go-to entertainment. 

We're excited to collaborate with morning host, JD Moffat, on Jewel 99.3 as he brings MindTrap trivia back to radio. MindTrap has been around for decades, selling millions of copies worldwide. And JD Moffat has had a lot of success in years past playing MindTrap on air, and he's looking to do it again at 7:10 AM EST. So wake up and playing along! If you're up that early on the west coast, you can stream Jewel 99.3. We've been streaming it here and they play all the lite favourites. JD Moffat will be giving away copies of MindTrap so listen to win, and we're confident that you'll have a good time doing it!

In the meanwhile, let's have a listen to owner of Outset Media, Dave Manga, during his interview with JD Moffat in early April 2021.