The Top 5 Family Friendly Board Games for Halloween 2022!

by Corey Whelen
5 October 2022

Halloween! The season of spooks, spirits, and of course, silly board games! Of course, there’s no better way to spend it than with your family and friends, and there’s no better way to do THAT then with a good game! Luckily, Outset Media has you covered! We’ve done the research, collected the data, rewatched the Friday the 13th movies, and assembled a list of what we think are the best Halloween board games for your buck- and we’re pleased as pumpkins to share it with you!

5. Goosebumps

The King of the Creepshow, the sultan of screams, the original abhorrent author (who isn’t Steven King) is back with a new board game! R.L. Stine has been pumping out spooky stories for over 30 years and the best of the best are back for Race to Dead House! Choose three classic Goosebumps monsters, including spooky scarecrows, werewolves, and even killer poodles, but watch out- Slappy is back to cause all sorts of trouble for you!

Gameplay is easy to understand for younger players, as Race to Dead House is reminiscent of the classic board game Sorry by Hasbro- however, instead of rolling dice, players will use cards to guide their monster team to the finish line. This already adds a lot more strategy since cards are a lot more predictable than dice, but there’s also some fun surprises on the cards- monsters don’t always follow the rules after all!

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4. Oh What a Night

While certainly not the spookiest game on the list, Oh What a Night certainly captures the reckless abandon of a Halloween party perfectly! Each round, 1-2 players will try to figure out what sort of wild things they got up to after their wild night of partying- the rest of the players will provide them clues with tweets, texts, and even the newspaper headlines from the next day. It’s silly and creative and a great game for friends and family.

This theme might appeal more to adults, but a child’s imagination is a wonderful addition to this sort of thing. It’s more of a party game- fun, light-hearted, and casual. The perfect game for any small Halloween gatherings and get-togethers!

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3. Keys to the Castle