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Generally, we list retailers who join our Cobble Hill Retailer Partnership program, known as "CHiRP". The program offers different benefits to the retailer, while requiring that they stock a minimum number of images, in order to avoid consumer disappointment due to a limited selection. 

However, during Covid, we have paused the program. With unprecedented demand and disruptions in supply chain, we are only able to provide a limited number of puzzles. As well, we know that consumers are desperate for puzzles, so the more retailer options the better. 

When Covid settles to a point where we can reinstate the CHiRP program, we'll revisit your satisfaction with stocking Cobble Hill puzzles and determine your interest in signing up for the CHiRP program. In the meanwhile, we will add your store for now and thank you for carrying Cobble Hill. Stay safe!

Kind regards, 

Cobble Hill Puzzle Co.