Victoria Schools Devour Free Canadian Trivia Board Games

Nov. 1, 2012

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Outset Media is a Victoria-based company that distributes over 100 different board games.  This fall company president and game inventor Dave Manga released the ‘Canadian Trivia Family Edition’ board game. When asked why he created the Canadian Trivia board game Dave Manga reflects:

 “Like many Canadians I knew more about the United States than about Canada.  Being a leader in the Canadian board game industry I have the unique ability to make a difference, to make learning about our country fun!”

Canadian Trivia Family Edition’ is set to become a wonderful Christmas present for thousands of Canadian families and Dave Manga is providing classrooms across Victoria with free access to the game!

Any grade 3 to 12 school teacher in Victoria can borrow up to six copies of the Canadian Trivia board game from School House Teaching Supplies located at 2014 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC.  Already teachers and students are devouring the game.  Trent Campbell, a grade 10 social studies teacher at Victoria High School, has used the games several times.  Trent Campbell comments:

“I found the Canadian Trivia board game to be a significant learning tool in many respects. Playing the game proved to be an enjoyable way for students to learn about Canadian history and geography. The questions often led to further discussions on or around the topic on the question card. I found it also useful as an 'icebreaker' to allow students in a new class to get to know one another in a fun and positive way."

The game features both easy and hard questions, allowing kids of all skill levels to play. After testing the game with her class, we heard from Tracey Crystal, a teacher at Tillicum Elementary:

"It's a great game that has lots of interesting facts and information that students are learning in grades 3-5.  I gave a great review to other teachers; it’s a fun game to use with your class!"

Tracey Crystal is set to use the game again this week, along with Oak Bay High teachers Christina Malo and Tim Bradshaw. They recognize games as being one of the most powerful teaching tools available.

Outset Media is on a mission to provide local teachers with a fantastic game, but they need help getting the word out.  Get involved by encouraging parents to tell their kids, kids to tell their teachers, and teachers to tell their colleagues!  For those who want to get involved by playing the game at home, the game can be purchased locally at Lion's Den Games Room, Timeless Toys, Bolen Books, Buddies Toy Store, Seeing is Believing, and School House Teaching Supplies. The suggested retail price is $29.99.




Public Relations at Outset Media (Your assistant in anything you might need)
Nathaniel Spohn
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Inventor of Canadian Trivia Family Edition
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Grade 10 Social Studies Teacher at Victoria High School
Trent Campbell
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Grades 3-5 Teacher at Tillicum Elementary School
Tracey Crystal
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Susan Marcotte
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Lion's Den Games Room
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Timeless Toys
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Bolen Books
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