The Road "Piecefully" Travelled - 3D Lenticular Puzzles

Got magnets? Find peace.  Kids love magnets.  We've all played with them on refrigerator doors.  But you can't take a refrigerator on the road!  However, you can buy a Dollar Store cookie tray to take on the road, like this. You could even glue some cheap magnets to the back of a kids puzzle.  Or, you can upgrade the fun and check out Outset Media's new 3D Lenticular Puzzles!

Who doesn't love 3D?  Especially if you don't have to wear those silly glasses!  By popular demand, Outset Media has added seven new lenticular puzzles to their product line, which are awesome for traveling!  Originally, Outset offered five rectangular puzzles featuring animals including a tiger, dinosaur, wolf, dolphins, and a moose, which has since been discontinued.  

In late 2013, the company added brighter, more colourful images of a majestic horse on a hillside, a rainforest with toucans, and neon-coloured geckos on river rocks.  

And just arriving in May, there are seven new smaller square puzzles, about half the size of what's seen here. The company expects the smaller 3D puzzles to sell like hotcakes!l

What makes these 3D lenticular puzzles so popular?  It could be that kids and adults alike enjoy the interaction of tilting the image back and forth to get that holograph to move.  In the rectangular shaped animal puzzles, one gets the sense that the animal is "watching you"!  The T-Rex dinosaur is a best-seller, as it sheds it skin to bare its bones!  Or, perhaps they sell well because they come packaged in a sturdy tin as opposed to a paper box.  The rectangular puzzles comes with 32-pieces of square magnets that stick to the tin.  This means no missing pieces!  The pieces can be stored inside of the tin, or kept on top in the grooved frame. The tin is also deep enough to act as a pencil box.

The new square additions are smaller in size and perfect for traveling.  The seven new images include outer space, sharks, gears, tree frogs, beetles, butterflies, and clown fish.  These square tins come with 16-pieces of magnetic squares, but don't let the fewer pieces fool you!  The puzzles are incredibly tricky, especially the butterfly, clown fish, and beetle, as seen below.

So, for your next road trip, keep the back-seat kids happy by bringing along your travel tin of magnetic puzzles!   And you're sure to enjoy the road "piecefully" travelled!

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