Outset Media's 20th Anniversary!

February 2, 2016 marked the 20th year that Outset Media went from concept to incorporation!  Congratulations to David Manga for taking his simple idea of having a Canadian Trivia game and growing that into a full-fledged successful business in the Toy & Game Industry!  

David started with one game (see the video), The All Canadian Trivia Board Game, and with tenacious work, he was able to parlay it into several editions including a Supplemental Question Set, Junior, French, Millenium, 10th Anniversary Edition, and now the most current Canadian Trivia Family Edition. Next year, Outset Media will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada with its new 150th Anniversary Edition of Canadian Trivia! And, for the first time ever, the public is invited to submit their own Canadian trivia question!!  If a person's question is chosen to be used on a question card, the person's name will be credited in the game.  That's pure bragging rights up for grabs!

Beyond the Canadian Trivia board game, David has managed to create a whole business around selling board games, card games, and jigsaw puzzles to retailers around the world!  As well as manufacturing our own products, Outset also distributes popular products across Canada for notable companies like MindWare (Qwirkle), Patch Products (5 Second Rule), Fat Brain Toys (Squigz), SmartLab Toys (Demolition Lab), and many more great companies!  

It's been a wonderful 20 years in the industry and the company is looking forward to many more! The Toy & Game Industry is competitive, especially with electronics playing a prominent role in today's world.  However, it's great news to our ears that the Game & Puzzle market was up 10% in 2015!

To read more on the current industry and what David thinks about it, subscribe to Manga's Blog and read his article posting on Saturday, February 13th!   


10th Anniversary Picture!