Outset Media Acquires Exclusive Distribution Rights To SmartLab Toys In Canada

Game Industry Veteran is a Perfect Fit for SmartLab Toys’ Award Winning Toys & Science Kits
August 1, 2013


Victoria, BC (August 1, 2013) – Outset Media, a game industry veteran and manufacturer of the award winning Professor Noggin’s card games is the exclusive distributor for SmartLab Toys throughout Canada.  Retailers will begin stocking new SmartLab Toys products in late summer.  The existing line of SmartLab Toys’ award winning products, including All Natural Spa Lab and Squishy Human Body are available immediately. 

The relationship makes a lot of sense for Outset Media and SmartLab Toys.  Outset Media offers a wide range of board and card games with a knowledge component, so it’s a perfect fit for SmartLab Toys who makes educational toys with a book component.  “We have worked with many wonderful retailers in Canada over the years,” said Mike Oprins, COO of SmartLab Toys, “and working with Outset Media will significantly expand our reach in this important market.  We are thrilled to have forged this new partnership with Outset Media to take our Canadian business to the next level.”

Outset Media is already receiving a high demand for SmartLab Toys new line of Demolition Lab toys.  Ka-boom, Sha-blam, Ka-pow are just a few ways to describe the toys that allow children to build a structure, then demolish it. The three different Demolition Lab toys, coming soon, teaches kids a fun way to learn about the science of power, energy, momentum, and gravity through hands on learning.  SmartLab Toys’ 10-year-old fan, Simon, describes their products best, "One thing I like about your books is they teach you stuff, but they're not just Blah, Blah, Blah like some science books." Also coming are Catch The Thief, That’s Gross Science Lab, and You-Build-It Headphones

Retailers in Canada looking to carry SmartLab Toys should contact their Outset Media Sales Representative toll free at 1-877-592-7374.  For US Retailers, please inquire directly with SmartLab Toys.


Outset Media is a leading manutfacturer of board games and card games, as well as jigsaw puzzles under the Cobble Hill and Jack Pine brands.  The company has received numerous accolades for its Professor Noggin’s card games, which include general subjects like Pets to curriculum based subjects like History of Canada, Presidents of the United States, Earth Science and thirty-three other titles. The company’s other board games have won many notable awards from organizations such as the National Parenting Center, Dr. Toy, Teachers’ Choice Awards, Parents Choice, Mensa, the Canadian Toy Testing Council, and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. Outset Media distributes the products of other companies throughout Canada, including SmartLab Toys, Mindware, Spin Master, Mayfair Games, Patch, Late for the Sky Productions, Fat Brain Toys, Royal & Langnickel, Mojo, Maranda, Toobeez, D-Toys Puzzles and White Mountain Puzzle Company.

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