Dinner Party Game Night

For your next dinner party game night, Pickles to Penguins is your go to party game!  It's a fun party game for friends or an ice-breaker for mere acquaintances. 

What makes the game so good?  Well, if you need a game that gets everyone talking and laughing, Pickles to Penguins will turn your game night into a party to remember!  The rules are easy, the connections are crazy.  And if nobody disputes your picture-link the game keeps going.

Besides having the best game night ever, the goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards first.  All players start with 25 picture cards. Players each lay five of these cards in front of them.  The dealer turns over two cards in the center of the table and says, "Go".  Players race to place their cards on top of one of the center cards.  Players must call out the link between the two items.  For example, a snail card played on a leaf card, "Snails eat leaves" or a pickle card played on a jar card, "Pickles come in jars!" Pretty simple. But if a player disputes your quick-thinking picture-linking logic, you could face a penalty of drawing five cards.  That's not good.  Especially when the winner is the first player to use all their cards.

The game instructions include five alternate game ideas: Shout, Missing Link, Fast Five, Minute Reaction, and Time Trial.  So, in between your fancy finger food appetizers and mouth-watering main course, you can play simpler, shorter games at your dinner party.

Pickles to Penguins is a fun party game for any dinner party or family game night. Open the box and let the connections begin!

Click here to see sample connections and cards.