Digital Catalog

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The digital catalogue below is for products available across North America (Outset Games, Cobble Hill Puzzles, Jack Pine Puzzles, Crystal Art Kits).


Some links in the Table of Contents will be clickable if you want to go directly to a specific section of the catalogue, like 1000 piece puzzles or Crystal Art Kits. You can also click the magnifying icon (with the letter "A" in it) to search key words - if you hover over it, you'll see it says "Find". For instance, if you want to read about Pana Po'o, you can click the magnifying icon and type "Pana" in the field; it should take you directly to that page, then close the "X" so you can view the page. As well, some images will have the option to see a video for that product or storyline. We hope you enjoy our catalogue. All the products in this catalogue are available across North America. Check with your sales rep for price lists.