Back to School!

The second biggest shopping season
28 August 2017

According to Deloitte, back to school shopping is the second biggest shopping season of the year with 27 billion in sales in the US. The National Retail Federation's annual survey conducted by Proper Insights & Analytics showed that as of early August, just 45% of shoppers have checked everything off their list. It's the lowest number since 2012!

How do you get these shoppers into your store before the school season starts? As a retailer, offering engaging "back to school" games and hands-on demo stations is a great way to capture the attention of parents.  Many parents are undecided about whether they will shop online or in-store - so give them a reason to come through your doors!

Deloitt'es 2017 survey showed that for undecided shoppers,"This segment is worth about $5.4 billion (about $549 on average per shopper) and presents an opportunity for retailers to present intriguing offers and communications." Give consumers a reason to shop your store!

The statistics show that 65% plan to shop at different points througout the summer. This means it's not too late to start a back-to-school game section! Stock games that have a quick play time of 10-15 minutes and highlight skills that are learned by osmosis (the goal is to encourage fun).  Include games for all school ages and check with your game supplier for demo copy deals - this is a great way to get shoppers to stay in your store!

So, if you're a retailer that is near a Staples, Walmart, Dollar Store, or other mass school supply store, make sure you're communicating that your store is also worth stopping into for back to school specials!  

Back-to-school game recommendations:

Age: 3+
Skills: Organization, Matching, Concentration
Recommendation:  Mosquito Madness
Reason: Mosquito Madness is a simple matching game full of frenzied fun! Enhance hand-eye coordination skills to find matching mosquitos with different shapes, colours and personalities. Players race to search for mosquito tokens that match the bug on their board. The goal is to find all nine matching tokens before the other players. Tokens must be organized on the board so that it matches the correct mosquito. If the tokens don't match, then the player is disqualified from the round. The game encourages concentration, organization and fine-motor skills.   


Age: 5+
Skills: Critical thinking, Patience, Steady hand
Recommendation: Igloo Mania
Reason: Igloo Mania is a children's version of the classic wooden block stacking, block crasing game (aka Jenga).  But rather than the usual stacking straight up, this is a dome shaped stack of igloo blocks. Parka Pete stands atop watching for silly penguins (the players) who enjoy using their ice picks to carefully pull blocks from the igloo. It takes a steady hand to keep Parka Pete from crashing through the igloo and critical thinking to know which block can be safely pulled.  This game of skill and tension is easy enough for kids to set up, but fun enough that adults will want to play!


Age: 5+
Skills: Cooperative play, Socialization, Strategic thinking
Recommendation: Dragon Dash
Reason: Dragon Dash encourages players to cooperate in order to defeat the dragons and safely build a path across Dragonwood.  Cooperative games are a great way to teach the younger generation not to be so self-absorbed as they open themselves up to considering other people's ideas. Learning to work together and communicate is an important social skill for life. The Knight's Gear adds a fun element of battle to the game and the fun jumbo dice teaches kids about simple coordinates. Players work together to place path tiles and cheer each other on as they avoid diving dragons. It's always a different game making Dragon Dash highly playable.

Age: 7+
Skills: Recall knowledge, Turn taking
Recommendation: Professor Noggin's 
Reason: Professor Noggin's card games are a great anytime game that kids can play with friends, family, or classmates. This classic card game offers fun in the subjects of nature, animals, history, geography, and science. There are 32 card games in the series. Each game includes 180 questions broken up into easy and hard skill levels. Each card has six questions and the roll of a die determines which question is asked.  Players who correctly answer a question, keep the card. If the answer is incorrect, the card goes back to the bottom of the pile. The simple game play is shared across every title, making it easy to pick up a new game and start playing right out of the box. Fans of Professor Noggin's enjoy this game at dinner time, on the road, and it's very popular with homeschoolers.  


Age: 12+ 
Skills: Recall knowledge, Finance/Accounting
Recommendation: Jeopardy Deluxe Edition
Reason: Jeopardy is simply a fun game and a great way to test what you know. It's fun to put our money where our mouth is in a safe way.  Wager your money on a category question and go head to head against your friends, family, and classmates. 









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