Create Your Own Puzzle

Create Your Own Puzzle was first introduced to the Outset family of products in 2010.  The brand has been a success for our retailers as parents seek more play value from the products they buy. 

Not only does the budding artist create a masterpiece from the blank jigsaw puzzle canvas, but it also becomes an activity once the creation is completed.  Each puzzle is also stamped on the back with a certificate to write ones name and age or date, making the puzzle creation a keepsake. 

Create Your Own Puzzle offers several sizes from a 5 x 7 postcard to an amazing two-foot by three-foot floor puzzle, which won a Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Award.  The blank puzzle boards are sturdy enough to accept water colours, paints, or markers, though some of the jigsaw puzzles come with crayons or coloured pencils.  You can even let your dog run his painted paws over a puzzle for an extra-spawcial creation. 

Create lasting memories with Create Your Own Puzzle.