NOGGIN WORKSHOP™ Double Tangrams

Double Tangrams - Noggin Workshop - Outset Media Brain Games
  • Double Tangrams - Noggin Workshop - Outset Media Brain Games

Double the tangrams? Double the fun! Double the challenge! Contains 100 challenging riddles to bend your mind in new ways.  Each puzzle requires the full set of seven geometric pieces to solve it. There may be more than one solution, but can you come up with at least one? We double dare you to try! This brain game is sure to leave you puzzled!

NOGGIN WORKSHOP™ is Outset Media’s brand of card games dedicated to making your brain broil and bubble!  These mind teaser card brain games challenge you with logic puzzles, word puzzles, geometry riddles to sequence puzzles!  The card brain games promote logic, lateral thinking, visualization and other mental exercises that your brain may not use on a regular basis. Limber up, it’s thinking time!

Case Pack 6 Width 9"
Origin China Height 7"
UPC 6-25012-16005-6 Depth 2.75"
Item # 16005 Weight 1.45 lbs.


100 puzzles
Seven geometric pieces (two sets)

All the puzzle pieces must be used in every puzzle. There may be more than one solution. Flip the page in the spiral game book for a new solution. Solutions are provided!

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