A Message from Allegra Vernon, Creative Director

Dear Puzzle Artist,

You are welcome to send me an email with small images of your work.  Or better yet, a link to your portfolio.  At this time we only license artwork, so please no photography.

Please bear the following in mind:

Size matters. Puzzles are big! If your fabulous work of art was created at greeting-card size, it will not look so good at 26.625" x 19.25" (the size of our 1000 piece puzzles).  You will need to be able to provide a print ready file that is 300 pixels per inch.

A great puzzle. Great paintings do not necessarily make great puzzles.  For instance, I love the work of Edward Hopper, but I cannot think of one of his images that I would want to do as a puzzle.  Below is a rough guideline of a successful puzzle - of course, there are exceptions to every rule!


  • Busy composition.
  • Colourful.  Different areas in different colours is how most puzzlers sort their pieces.
  • Focal point.  Easily identified subject.


  • There should not be big boring areas.  A vast expanse of water or sky or road should have something breaking up the monotony.
  • Too monochromatic.  Too dark.
  • There is an optimal range for the size of the subject in relation to the total image.  For instance on a dog puzzle, a head shot of a dog becomes a portrait of an individual animal and can lack universal appeal.  Conversely, if the dog is a small silhouette in a forest, then it is a landscape scene without a main subject.

Do some research. There are many, many companies.  And every one has a different range of images aimed at different kinds of retailers.  Take a look at different catalogues to see if your work would make a good fit.

Please have patience. I am one person with a lot to do.  And I receive many submissions daily. 

Hope these thoughts help.
Good luck to all,

Allegra Vernon
Creative Director

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