Jeremy Fleet, Ghost Designer

Our Graphic Designer, Jeremy Fleet, is a man who lets his work speak for itself.  Jeremy's minimalistic approach to design keeps his work clean and focused.  His design work can be seen throughout our catalogues, tradeshow banners, flyers, and ads.  And his intellectual brain has contributed greatly to the line of Noggin Workshop card games and other product development projects in the works!  He's a no fuss kind of guy who likes to work with a clear objective and make the message really stand out...kind of like himself. 

Jeremy stands at an impressive 6'7"+ and ...growing, we think.  He sits about a shadows distance from the office "food table". We're pretty sure that in 2013, he grew at least two inches more from all the Timbits and "two-bite" doughnuts he ate.  And we've discovered that he is in cohorts with the Tooth Fairy; she's given him special 'sweet tooth sensors'.  Whenever a sweet treat hits the community food table, he swoops in lightning fast to save everyone from damaging their teeth!  What a stand up guy!

So, why wouldn't a great guy like this hand over a Biography for the Online Marketing person to post?  Hmm....

His response, after a reminder email: "I'm fine with no bio! I can be the ghost of the company that lurks in the hallways… no one needs to know I exist! :)"

Thus, we're pleased to introduce to you, Jeremy Fleet, "Ghost Designer"....

Favourite Outset Product: 

Hands down, the Outset team would vote Jeremy's favourite product as the Cobble Hill "Doughnuts" puzzle, due to his affinity for the sweet treat.  

Contact Info: 

Send Jeremy an email | 250-592-7374 x215


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