Allegra Vernon, Creative Director

I have been Creative Director here for way too long. Does anyone have a job for a night owl that likes to have their own way about all things design? That freaks out if you insult her typography and always leans toward illustrated design solutions so she can draw the pictures? No? Well, I better stay here then. It's not so bad.

Jeremy Fleet, Ghost Designer

Our Graphic Designer, Jeremy Fleet, is a man who lets his work speak for itself.  Jeremy's minimalistic approach to design keeps his work clean and focused.  His design work can be seen throughout our catalogues, tradeshow banners, flyers, and ads.  And his intellectual brain has contributed greatly to the line of Noggin Workshop card games and other product development projects in the works! 

Chantal Gabriell, Art Director

I'm a creative communications professional with 20 years experience in graphic design and project management. However my launch into design actually began pre-computers at age five with my first "book" entitled The Mouses Problem: How to Get the Chis. Spelling and grammar would come later...

Emily Chen, Graphic Designer

Emily would write her own bio if she weren't too busy with the demanding lifestyle of a graphic designer, as well as being a lifestyle model for our flyers and catalogues.

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