Chantal Gabriell, Art Director

I'm a creative communications professional with 20 years experience in graphic design and project management. However my launch into design actually began pre-computers at age five with my first "book" entitled The Mouses Problem: How to Get the Chis. Spelling and grammar would come later...

Artist Nick Bantock inspired me with his "Griffin and Sabine" books, filled with imagination and beautiful collage artistry. (I got to meet and learn from him - he is as lovely as his work!) I also love Aimee Stewart's work for her sense of whimsy and incredible Photoshop skills.

I have a passion for writing and beautiful books of all kinds, and volunteer for shelter animals, my other great love. Originally an anglophone from Montreal but spending summers on Vancouver Island, I'm grateful to be living here now, close to family and such exquisite nature.

I'm happy to be part of Outset, with great people and an amazing design team. It's a joy to collaborate and create products that others will benefit from - whether with laughter and connection through playing games, or the quiet contemplation that comes from piecing puzzles together.

Favourite Outset Product: 

The puzzle “Autumn Breeze” (starring my sweet ginger kitty) and the game Wormy Apple, for its cute orchard creatures.

Contact Info: 

Send Chantal an email | 250-592-7374 x215