Meet The Team

Diana Doherty, US Administrator

At Outset, I provide support for the US Sales Reps. I handle all purchase orders and various forms of incoming communication as well as take care of the US accounts payable.  If you want great Outset games and puzzles, I am here to help make that happen!  One of the things I love about working for Outset Media is the great team environment, when it comes to deadlines everyone pitches in. 

Warehouse Team, in Brampton

On a daily basis, our hard working Warehouse Team in Brampton, ON make it possible for us to fulfill our retailer's orders in a timely manner.  Without our Warehouse Team, we wouldn't be able to pick and pack purchase orders as quick and accurately as we do. 

Oscar Correia, International Sales & Production Sourcing Manager

The very first game that Outset Media made and sold was also my first project with this company. Since then, I have had the privilege of working with Dave, Dylan, Allegra, Shaun and the rest of the team on a number of projects in my former capacity as a print and packaging vendor. It is with that experience in mind that I can say how exciting it was to join the Outset Media team in 2013.

Jeremy Fleet, Ghost Designer

Our Graphic Designer, Jeremy Fleet, is a man who lets his work speak for itself.  Jeremy's minimalistic approach to design keeps his work clean and focused.  His design work can be seen throughout our catalogues, tradeshow banners, flyers, and ads.  And his intellectual brain has contributed greatly to the line of Noggin Workshop card games and other product development projects in the works! 

Dylan Durand, Chief Operating Officer

I have been with Outset Media since 2001, and work in operations and IT. When I am not busy taking a break with my feet on my desk, I can usually be found eating lunch or socializing near the water cooler. After all, I deserve to nap during business hours since my three kids keep me busy with hockey, basketball, swimming, soccer, music, homework, and more.

Scott Ballantyne , US Sales

When I started at Outset in 2015, right out of the gate I was on a plane headed to New York to work at one of the industry's largest tradeshows - Toy Fair! I was quickly immersed in product knowledge and introduced to many of our wonderful retailers.

Iain Lang, Canadian Account Manager

In an effort to re-locate to my favourite Vancouver Island, I joined a bright, committed and energetic board game company called Outset Media. That was well over a decade ago! With a great cross section of young minds and creativity I have been excited to be part of this ever-growing team.

Russ Meier, Programmer Analyst

Russ bring years of experience in programming (C#, C++, .NET, SQL and more). Prior to Outset Media, Russ worked as a developer for an ERP system for the educational market.  Russ has recently worked developing ERP software, EDI solutions, Inventory management solutions, web services, and various mobile, web and desktop applications.

Joy Marie Manga, Financial Controller

I am the Financial Controller at Outset Media. We are very lucky to have a wonderful group of hard-working people working for our company and I love coming to work. I realize that most people's dream job doesn't involve budgeting, financial planning, payroll and general number crunching, but that is what makes us accountants special!

Shelley Rouse, Canadian Account Manager

Shelley Rouse... who is she?  Well, besides a gal who is running from the law, she's an incredibly hard-working and dedicated Account Manager.  This is probably the reason she hasn't had the time to script her own Team Bio.  But we appreciate that about her! It's never about Shelley, it's all about taking care of other people.  

Nicole O'Farrell, Canadian Sales Princess

I am the self-proclaimed Sales Princess and a wannabe runner, book lover and mother of two eating machines (twin boys) and one lovely daughter. My sales career began in the Natural Foods and Supplements Industry years ago. When the opportunity arose to make the switch from vitamins and health food to toys and games, in 2008, it was a no brainer for me and I haven’t looked back.

Lauren Collicutt, Amazon Seller Central, Canada Rep

I am Lauren, the go-to for help or just a quick chat here at Outset Media. I moved to Victoria, BC in 2015 all the way from the Darkside of Nova Scotia for a complete change, and started working with these lovely people as an Administrator. I had a number of responsibilities here, which I managed to take care of with accuracy and a smile – I can pretty much help with anything!

Gareth Turner, National Sales Manager

I am married to a wonderful woman with whom I share the joy of raising two incredible boys. My favorite pastimes include; reading, surfing, kiteboarding, snowboarding, family camping trips, family game nights and being involved in the boys sports. I believe in the importance of family time and firmly believe that our products help create positive family interaction.

Rob Addison, Administrative Assistant

I graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and have spent the last 8 years in the business sector honing my customer service skills and business management. Now I belong to Outset Media because they know just how awesome I am. I’m that “Real Person” in the office that you’ll talk to when you need help.

Natasha Grimsson, Canadian Administrator

My name is Natasha but I am not Russian nor am I a cartoon character (Rocky & Bullwinkle reference).

I moved to Victoria in 2005, joined the Outset Media team in March 2008 and still love every minute of it.

I live with my husband Bob, and our cat Pixie. I am a left-handed Pisces who loves animals and travelling – who doesn’t love adventure?!

Paul Hogan, US Key Accounts Manager

I have been in sales for over 30 years, so when I joined Outset Media it was refreshing to meet like-minded individuals that are genuinely helpful, courteous and eager for my successes, let alone theirs. The camaraderie of the sales team is infectious, but closely aligned with a strong work ethic and a “Customer comes first” approach.

Steve Kragelj, Data Manager

I have been happily married to my lovely wife, Cindy since 1995. She is truly the love of my life and my best friend. We both love to golf but also enjoy singing Karaoke and spending time with our friends.

In the summer of 2008, I had decided that it was time for a career change. I was looking for an opportunity to work for a smaller company, but also one that had potential for growth.  With that being said, it was important for me to find work that was fun & exciting, but also challenging. Wow, a position at Outset Media was just what the doctor ordered.....and it nearly fell right into my lap.

Chantal Gabriell, Art Director

I'm a creative communications professional with 20 years experience in graphic design and project management. However my launch into design actually began pre-computers at age five with my first "book" entitled The Mouses Problem: How to Get the Chis. Spelling and grammar would come later...

Paul Albhouse, Canadian Account Representative

I have been a Canadian Account Representative at Outset Media since 2002. Being part of a company that creates and distributes family products with an emphasis on fun and education is tremendously rewarding.

Emily Chen, Graphic Designer

Emily would write her own bio if she weren't too busy with the demanding lifestyle of a graphic designer, as well as being a lifestyle model for our flyers and catalogues.

Allegra Vernon, Creative Director

I have been Creative Director here for way too long. Does anyone have a job for a night owl that likes to have their own way about all things design? That freaks out if you insult her typography and always leans toward illustrated design solutions so she can draw the pictures? No? Well, I better stay here then. It's not so bad.

Amarita Sahota, Executive Assistant

I started at Outset Media in January 2016 and I am currently working in the Toronto office. It has been great getting to know everyone here. I assist our Senior Vice President of Sales and the sales staff with orders, sales duties and help manage the showroom.

Shaun Krysa, Warehouse Manager

Since my start at Outset Media in 2010, I have loved every day as the Warehouse Manager. Along with my team, I run a very organized warehouse in Brampton, ON. We work efficiently to deliver accurate, quality packaging with reasonable ship times that provide a good buying experience for our customers.

Corey Whelen, Customer Relations & Board Game Addict

Hey! My name’s Corey and I’m a functioning board game addict. My collection has over 60 games currently, and the bookcase they occupy is slowly sinking into the ground. I get unreasonably excited about spinners, sprues and specialty dice, and I take every opportunity to engage my friends with games that are fun, unique, and a little off the beaten path!

Linda Maxwell, Brand Manager

I started working at Outset Media in 2003 when there were just eight of us in a small office separated by cubicle walls and our catalogue was only a few pages thin (compared to the hundreds of pages now).

Sarah Winter - International Sales Manager

In 2019, Outset Media was fortunate to win over Sarah Winter, a seasoned and well-respected professional in Toy and Games, as their International Sales Manager based out of the European Office in the UK. 

Jean Paul Teskey, Senior Vice President

It's no Urban Myth, Jean Paul Teskey is the Senior Vice President of Outset Media.

Yes, he is the founder of Rumba Games, which created the popular game, Urban Myths. But now, he's ours!  Jean Paul brings high quality energy to our team and his vibrant personality is nothing short of professional, insightful, and creative.

Darcy Morris, Sales Director

I joined the Outset team in 2016 and found my dream job. I’m constantly amazed at how fun loving, talented and hard working the Outset team is. There’s no better place to be – seriously, where else could I work from home in my pj’s?

Dave Manga, President

Arguably the smartest man in North America, David Manga, is easily the hardest working. He’s so eager to get to work each morning that he often neglects to eat, shave, or shower, to the dismay of everyone else in the office.

Lisa Warmenhoven, Canadian Account Manager

My passions are my family, travel and dogs.  I am a gypsy at heart….met my husband backpacking through Central America and since then I have continued to drag my boys and hubby all over the world.

Derrick Castiglione, Canadian Account Manager

Married. Wife is a genius. As a general rule I just go along with what she wants me to do and life turns out great!