Allegra Vernon, Creative Director

I have been Creative Director here for way too long. Does anyone have a job for a night owl that likes to have their own way about all things design? That freaks out if you insult her typography and always leans toward illustrated design solutions so she can draw the pictures? No? Well, I better stay here then. It's not so bad.

I spend all day on the computer; but refuse to get a cell phone. I prefer reading books that never have to be plugged in. And when I play games my friends are across the table (not across the planet) and there are cards in our hands (not controllers). I don't have cable. Basically I'm a quasi neo-luddite.

I am also a crazy cat lady that lives in an old barn and hosts drunken croquet parties in the warmer months. Occasionally we play bocce instead. Yup, what with the cats, the books, and the croquet, you can tell I'm a real party animal. And no, I am not a hundred years old, just old enough that I won't tell you.

Favourite Outset Product: 

Professor Noggin's Wonders of the World, one of the many games that I wrote and illustrated.

Contact Info: 

Send Allegra an email | 250-592-7374 x206