Product Images - International

Dear retailers,

The folders below contain images of products that can be distributed internationally.  However, licenses can change, so your rep will confirm with you if there are any changes to the availability of products for international distribution.

These images are in CMYK, so they are useful for anything in print - like a catalogue or flyer.  If you want to use them on the web/internet, please convert them to RGB first.   

What's the importance of RGB vs CMYK?  RGB is the proper format used for the web and online. CMYK is used strictly for print.  If CMYK is used online, it does not accurately reflect the product as it gives it a neon glow.  Notice the images below where RGB is on the left and CMYK is on the right.  Can you see the difference?  If you need RGB images for the web and are unable to convert on your own, please contact your sales rep.

Best regards,
Outset Media Marketing

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