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Professor Noggin's Giveaway and Review

by Sweepstakes Diva
18 April 2015

If you would like to hear more about Professor Noggin's card games from someone outside of Outset Media, head over to Sweepstakes Diva's website now.

Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada Awards for 2014

9 March 2015

Every year, the Neighbourhood Toys Stores of Canada puts forth the vote to retailers to choose a Supplier of the Year. As well, the retailers vote for Products of the Year, which are awarded Gold Stars.  Both of these awards were announced at the inaugural TaG show in Toronto on March 8th.  

For the 2014 year, Outset Media was once again awarded the Supplier of the Year award!  Dave Manga believes the reason Outset continues to earn this prestigious award is not only because of the quality and selection of toys, games, and puzzles that the company offers, but also because of the high quality customer service.  Customer service has always played a vital role in the company and it is one of Dave's four pillars of doing business.  

ASTRA Helps to Offer Exclusive Specialty Products to Retailers

14 February 2015

ASTRA and Outset Media ink a deal to offer exclusive specialty pre-school products to ASTRA retailers.  Outset Media will offer seven new games for young children and families.

Family Scavenger Hunt

Un juego de búsqueda de tesoros para niños y adultos
3 July 2014

If you're on the hunt for new games, then we have the perfect game for your summer entertainment!

Black-capped chickadee named Vancouver's bird for 2015

13 May 2014

People love birds.  They bring joy with their beautiful songs and chirps.  And indoor cats appreciate the lively entertainment from their windowsill.