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24 April 2014: Move over Mattel...we have made our first acquisition!

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An entrepreneur success story - Dave Manga starts Outset Media...

Outset Media board games and card games are perfect for the family, gathering of friends, or a large party.  Popular trivia games and brain games like MindTrap and best selling Professor Noggin’s kids card games are what Outset Media is known for.  As well as award winning party games, like What? and Family Charades-In-A-Box. But the first game to kick off the success of Outset Media is the All Canadian Trivia board game. Canadian Trivia Family Edition is Outset's latest rendition of the board game that challenges players to know their facts in the categories of history, geography, general (sports, entertainment, etc), and arts. We make our own board games and jigsaw puzzles that are sold around the world, but mostly made in North America; that's something we're quite proud of.  In Canada, we're known for 'games by Outset' and 'puzzles by Cobble Hill', as well as what we supply to our Canadian retailers from US companies. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our best sellers in games and best sellers in jigsaw puzzles!

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Outset Media is the exclusive distributor of the best selling Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzles, which are best known for their quality, nostalgic images and for being made in the USA.  We have adult jigsaw puzzles as well as kid puzzles.  Puzzle piece counts include 2000 piece, 1000 piece, 500 piece, 400 piece Family Puzzle, 275 piece Easy Handling puzzle, and a range of 35 piece to 60 piece for children puzzles.  Our images come from top notch artists including Jim Daly, Tom Newsom, Lance Russworm, Walter Campbell, Douglas Laird, Shelly McVittie, and many more!

In 2014, we announced Robert Bateman, a world-renowned artist, to our line up of amazing artists.  We're proud to see his wildlife nature work grace our Cobble Hill puzzles!

Are you looking for board game or card game recommendations?  For large groups of adult friends, the board games we recommend are: What? and Them & Us - it's perfect for guaranteed laughs!  Is it family game night? Choose Family Charades In-A-Box Compendium if you like to act out or Telepaths if you think the same as other players.  Do you have an intellectual group? Try a board game or card game from our MindTrap collection or from our Noggin Workshop games.  Or, for a fun, but quieter family game night, look to any of the 39 Professor Noggin's card games, like Wonders of the World! If you're more of a sit back and watch TV kind of family, visit our Watch Videos page or YouTube and play along with pedestrians “on the street” as they answer questions from our trivia board game: American Trivia Family Edition and Canadian Trivia Family Edition.  You'll learn lots of fun facts about Canada and the US, and probably share some giggles too.  Or, if you're a parent in need of a kids game for wee ones, try Picture Charades; there's no reading required! Board games are great way to spend time together, off-screen.