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Dear retailers,

Below are downloadable .zip image files for all the Outset Media North American distributed products.  These images are in RGB format.

What's the importance of RGB vs CMYK?  RGB is the proper format used for the web and online. CMYK is used strictly for print.  If CMYK is used online, it does not accurately reflect the product as it gives it a neon glow.  Notice the images below where RGB is on the left and CMYK is on the right.  Can you see the difference?  If you need CMYK images for a print project or if you have questions, please contact your sales rep.

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Outset Media Marketing

To access these files, you just need a .zip program.  These are available for free, if not already installed on your computer.  Suggestion for PC: 7-zip and for Mac: iZip.  We are not responsible for your choice of .zip program, so downloading is always at your own risk. 

2018 NEW Outset Media Games 

Outset Media Games

2019 NEW Cobble Hill Images (most with box shots)

2018 NEW Cobble Hill Images

2018 Transition to New Packaging

If you have been purchasing Cobble Hill puzzles in the classic beige border box with an Item code starting with "5", it is very possible that it has transitioned to a new Item code now starting with an "8".  Please use the Excel spreadsheet to help identify new Item codes. 

Modular Boxes

Cobble Hill Puzzle Co

With the recent changes to our box design, this entire library needs a makeover. Please be patient with us as we reorganize between what is now available and what has been discontinued. If you have an immediate need, please feel free to email your rep or email Linda directly with your image requests.  Thank you so much!

D-Toys Puzzles

Jack Pine Puzzles

Don't see an image you need? Email Marketing.