SmartLab Toys

Outset Media began distributing for SmartLab Toys throughout Canada in 2013.  Distributing SmartLab Toys makes perfect sense as their line of educational toys with books, perfectly fits Outset Media's fun 'brainy games' line up. 


In 2004, SmartLab Toys started out with eight science kits. Two years later, they expanded into arts and crafts. Nearly a decade later, they have over 50 products and they're in their lab, right now, concocting up new science kits and more!  Some of their best-selling toys include the award winning 'All-Natural Spa Day' and 'Squishy Human Body'. 


The best way to sum up how cool they are is to share the testimony of their 10-year-old fan Simon, "One thing I like about your books is they teach you stuff, but they're not just Blah, Blah, Blah like some science books." Well said Simon!


SmartLab Toys is the company that stands behind its tagline of 'Where books and toys collide!"