D.I.Y Crystal Art Kit

D.I.Y Crystal Art Kit is a brand of crafting products that add sparkle to your life! Outset Media is distributing the following kits: cards, notebooks, pre-mounted framed wall art in various sizes from medium, large, extra-large, and large LED, for that extra bit of bling! With a variety of designs and difficulty levels to choose from, everyone can enjoy a Crystal Art Kit.  Every Crystal Art Kit comes with everything you need to complete your handmade project.  Cards come with envelopes and wall art comes pre-mounted on a wooden frame so it's ready to display or a ready-to-go gift! The Crystal Art Kits are simple to use - it's just a matter of peeling back the protective plastic, picking up and positioning the crystals on the pre-marked place, and presenting your picture!  D.I.Y hand-made enthusiasts will find the Crystal Art Kits to be addictively satisfying and therapeutic. 

How it works. All the D.I.Y Crystal Art Kits have a coded adhesive template on the design area and every tool you need to complete the project. After the protective plastic is peeled back to expose an area to work on, the crafter simply chooses a coded pre-sorted crystal packet, dips the crystal pick-up pen in a touch of jelly wax (to pick up crystals), then places the crystal on the corresponding coded position. It's super easy - simply peel, pick-up, position, and present!

Additional notes. For all the kits that Outset is distributing, the crystal pick-up pen is double sided. This allows the user to pick up crystals one at a time (the pen tip) or up to three crystals at a time (just flip the pen over to the elongated side). All the framed wall art kits include two double-sided pick-up pens and two grooved trays so you can share the fun with a friend! Unlike 3D gems, the Crystal Art Kit epoxy resin crystals are 5D with 15 facets giving the art work that extra sparkle. 

Craft Buddy Ltd., the creators of the D.I.Y Crystal Art Kit, are based in the United Kingdom with distribution all over the world.  The company has a passion for crafts, always presenting high-quality art work and material. Outset Media is excited to be the North American distributor for Craft Buddy's D.I.Y Crystal Art Kit line of products. 

"How To" Technique for Crystal Art: