D-TOYS has been manufacturing high quality puzzles since 2001.  The company is situated in the City of St. GeorgeCovasna County in Romania.  The puzzles are manufactured and imported from Romania using recycled content and high quality materials.  This includes using a linen finish on the box and puzzle pieces to reduce glare and provide a crisp image, as well as using a high grade blue board for the back of the pieces.

As part of their unique offering D-TOYS puzzles manufactures "specialty" puzzles such as those with horse and people shaped pieces adding a level of difficulty and uniqueness to their brand.  The line also includes Vintage Posters, Famous Places, and Fine Art puzzles from renowned artists like Van Gogh, Munch, Klimt and more.  Plus it has fun Cartoon Puzzles and 3D Pyramid Puzzles! 

Outset Media is only selling through its stock in Canada.