4D Puzzles

4D Cityscape is a patented, multi-layer puzzle that is fun, challenging, and educational. Assemble the first two layers of the puzzle to form a map of the city's streets, islands, roads, railways, parks, and geography. When the base layers are complete, you're ready for a trip through history!

As you work your way through the Time Poster you are placing each building in chronological order as if history is happening before you eyes! The year of the last building placed on the map represents the year you are in the puzzle.
  • Learn how a city develops and evolves
  • Explore historic buildings and architectural styles
  • Get to know the geography of an area
  • Discover the defining moments in history
  • Perfect for group play
  • Makes a great souvenir & gift

4D also produces several licensed puzzle brands including The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Batman, Superman and Game of Thrones! See the video for an explanation of this multiple layered puzzle that is entertaining and educational - we think learning about Gotham City is highly educational! But check out the Cityscapes 4D Puzzles for a real look at history on planet earth. Enjoy!