Derrick Castiglione, Canadian Account Manager

Married. Wife is a genius. As a general rule I just go along with what she wants me to do and life turns out great!

Stats: 2 kids - boy (age 11) and girl (age 15, arrgh a teenager!)

My first sales job was at the Shopping Channel selling computers during the BOOM Market of the Early 2000s. But, it was my obsession with Magic the Gathering (I still play today) that landed me my dream job... One of my favorite things to do on a Friday night is “crack some packs at FNM”.  A manager at a local hobby shop got a job at Lion Rampant and then hired me two years later!  So, I had been working in the board game industry for five years BEFORE getting the chance to work at OUTSET.

Never met a board game I didn’t like, but puzzles and I have a complicated relationship.



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