Outset Media has licensed the MindTrap® brand since 2005. This classic  lateral thinking game has been a worldwide phenomenon for 20 years.  In fact, in 2012, Outset Media released MindTrap® 20th Anniversary Edition!

This is a game where you'll find yourself constantly saying, "Doh!" or "A-ha!"  Everything always seems obvious after you hear the answer, but whether you get the answer right or wrong, you'll enjoy thinking out of the box as you work to solve mysteries, conundrums, riddles, and logic problems.

In 2008, Outset Media created extensions of the lateral thinking game in travel size card packs called Geometrical Riddles.  These games focused less on the storytelling mysteries and riddles like the classic game and more on pattern recognition, logic problems and well, geometric riddles.  To make the game fun for various intelligences, the game is available in three different levels:  Novice, Master, and Genius.

In 2010, Outset Media released three new flavors of the MindTrap® game focused on various types of lateral thinking.  Shadow Mysteries is the most classic of the MindTrap® travel pack series with murder mysteries and trick questions.  Brain Cramp includes challenging Rebus puzzles and conundrums that leave you with a good kind of headache; this game proves a good headache exists!  In Left Brain Right Brain you will find yourself challenging the brain as a whole with your artistic, visual side, as well as the logical left brain. 

Here is a riddle that can be found in Left Brain Right Brain. Can you solve it:  YYURYYUBICURYY4ME.  Hint:  It reads like a four-line poem!

Outset Media has enjoyed being the exclusive manufacturer in North America.