US Sales

Dave Manga, President

Arguably the smartest man in North America, David Manga, is easily the hardest working. He’s so eager to get to work each morning that he often neglects to eat, shave, or shower, to the dismay of everyone else in the office.

Jean Paul Teskey, Senior Vice President

It's no Urban Myth, Jean Paul Teskey is the Senior Vice President of Outset Media.

Yes, he is the founder of Rumba Games, which created the popular game, Urban Myths. But now, he's ours!  Jean Paul brings high quality energy to our team and his vibrant personality is nothing short of professional, insightful, and creative.

Gareth Turner, National Sales Manager

I am married to a wonderful woman with whom I share the joy of raising two incredible boys. My favorite pastimes include; reading, surfing, kiteboarding, snowboarding, family camping trips, family game nights and being involved in the boys sports. I believe in the importance of family time and firmly believe that our products help create positive family interaction.

Darcy Morris, Sales Director

I joined the Outset team in 2016 and found my dream job. I’m constantly amazed at how fun loving, talented and hard working the Outset team is. There’s no better place to be – seriously, where else could I work from home in my pj’s?

Scott Ballantyne , US Sales

When I started at Outset in 2015, right out of the gate I was on a plane headed to New York to work at one of the industry's largest tradeshows - Toy Fair! I was quickly immersed in product knowledge and introduced to many of our wonderful retailers.

Paul Hogan, US Key Accounts Manager

I have been in sales for over 30 years, so when I joined Outset Media it was refreshing to meet like-minded individuals that are genuinely helpful, courteous and eager for my successes, let alone theirs. The camaraderie of the sales team is infectious, but closely aligned with a strong work ethic and a “Customer comes first” approach.

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