Shelley Rouse, Canadian Account Manager

Shelley Rouse... who is she?  Well, besides a gal who is running from the law, she's an incredibly hard-working and dedicated Account Manager.  This is probably the reason she hasn't had the time to script her own Team Bio.  But we appreciate that about her! It's never about Shelley, it's all about taking care of other people.  

In her personal life, she is always thinking of her mother, her neighbours and "adopted" nieces and nephews.  Beyond her inner circle, she is concerned with families around the globe.  On a trip to Guatemala, Shelley's heart broke for a mother and her two daughters living under four poles and tin roofing, with no bathroom or stove.  Rather than just carrying the burden for this family, she went into action with a friend - see the pictures here!  Her thoughtfulness also brought her to deliver toys and slippers to the girls in their first home!  

Beyond the take-action, empathetic and lovely person that Shelley is, you'll find a warm-hearted and infections person. She is full of laughter and good cheer, all day long.  She brightens up our office with her smile and positive attitude...and euh, we cannot forget her endless jokes and sense of humour!  It's a pleasure having her at Outset Media and we hope that our retailers will all have the chance to meet her at our tradeshows.  

Now what would jokey Shelley say about herself... Hmm.. it would probably sound more like this response I received when reminding her of the many months overdue bio and letting her know that the owner's wife pointed out to me that I haven't posted a bio for Ms. Rouse.  Shelley replied, "No….I’ll do it & I have a nice photo LOL!  I will do it this weekend…. I promise…..You can tell Joy Marie that you have been waiting for my sorry perfectionist butt to do it… But, I will tell her that you never told me anything about it….. LOL- Joke!  If I don’t have it done by Monday… we can just put that there is no profile here because I am running from the law… I am on the lam…. What a better cover than a games & puzzle Rep."  

Yep, that's Shelley! She is running from the law!!


Favourite Outset Product: 

We're going to guess... Pickles to Penguins .. she's competitive and she likes to laugh.

Contact Info: 

Send Shelley an email | 250-592-7374 x 218