Sarah Winter - International Sales Manager

In 2019, Outset Media was fortunate to win over Sarah Winter, a seasoned and well-respected professional in Toy and Games, as their International Sales Manager based out of the European Office in the UK. 

If you're familiar with the best-selling BrainBox games, by Green Board Game Company, it's likely attributed to Sarah's drive and charming personality, which landed this game in stores around the world. She spent 11 years growing the game to become a multi-million international selling brand. After Green Board Game Company's acquisition by Asmodee, Sarah reflected on whether to stay on or make a shift in her career. 

Dave Manga, the owner of Outset, knew immediately that Sarah's appreciation for people, innate business sense, and deep understanding of the international market would play an invaluable role in Outset Media and Cobble Hill Puzzles' rapidly growing global presence - so he made an offer that her adventurous spirit couldn't refuse!

“There comes a time when one has to look beyond the role you love and dig deep to look at what one wants from and for the future – this seemed to be an ideal time for me to set up my own business and have a go at ‘playing my own game’, to see where it might lead me!”

Look out world, Winter is coming!


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