Russ Meier, Programmer Analyst

Russ bring years of experience in programming (C#, C++, .NET, SQL and more). Prior to Outset Media, Russ worked as a developer for an ERP system for the educational market.  Russ has recently worked developing ERP software, EDI solutions, Inventory management solutions, web services, and various mobile, web and desktop applications.

So how do we welcome a guy with this kind of skillset into our company? We put him in a big bad bread rig driving an average speed of 87km per hour, 57 hours of driving time, 2 bags of spitz, and a 6 pack of Rockstar Energy drinks to reach Brampton.  And we stuck him with Dylan... ha ha ha!  He really can do it all, we're glad to have Russ as a part of our team!

Favourite Outset Product: 

To be determined...but maybe Car Tag License Plate Poker?

Contact Info: 

Send Russ an email | 250-592-7374