Paul Hogan, US Key Accounts Manager

I have been in sales for over 30 years, so when I joined Outset Media it was refreshing to meet like-minded individuals that are genuinely helpful, courteous and eager for my successes, let alone theirs. The camaraderie of the sales team is infectious, but closely aligned with a strong work ethic and a “Customer comes first” approach.

Away from work, you may find me enjoying time with my daughter or playing board games with friends alike. I'm a game person at heart and I love the interaction and laughter provided from playing a dastardly wicked game of Cross Crib with my Beanie Boo and friend Steve K and his wife. (They cheat!!) One of the benefits of working with Outset Media and playing our games is you get to put your phones, tablets and laptops away for a few hours and plug into the original social network that is friends and family. I believe games have the ability to change your average day to one with laughter and fun!

Favorite moment (apart from the birth of my daughter): shaking hands with Muhammad Ali when I was just 7 years old.

Best experience (apart from being with my daughter): parachuting out of a plane at 2,500 feet and living to tell the tale! 

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