Linda Maxwell, Brand Manager

I started working at Outset Media in 2003 when there were just eight of us in a small office separated by cubicle walls and our catalogue was only a few pages thin (compared to the hundreds of pages now). Over the years, my job has evolved from being a sales rep, to public relations, to video maker, to social media, to customer service and now somehow I have a job that's a mix of all of it - keeps me on my toes, that's for sure! I don't use social media often in my personal life, so it being a part of my job is interesting - definitley not my wheelhouse. It seems like the "rules" and posting options are always changing with Facebook; hard to keep up! 

I do tend to lean towards the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company side of our business. I have a rewarding job of cultivating good customer relations. If you have any praise or problems to report, I always welcome the opportunity to hear from you!  It's been a pleasure working at Outset/Cobble Hill as we have a great team who really care about providing the best customer service and quality products to our consumers and retailers. We can't always control what happens with our manufacturing process, but we can control how we treat people and we always want to do our best for customers.

Though I'm a native of California's spectacular central coast, I've come to adore the lifestyle and beauty of the island, here in Victoria, BC (though I still dream of a bridge to the mainland so I'm not bound by ferry schedules). I'm definitely a home body who enjoys reading, knitting (that hasn't happened in forever), teaching Sunday school, goofing with my garden planter boxes and most of all I enjoy spending quality time with my son who is growing up way too quickly! My alter ego is Janet van Dyne by day and Wasp Woman by night - okay, this is only in my head, but it sure is fun dreaming about being a Marvel character! 

I really do believe life is good and we're meant to enjoy each moment for the pleasures, as well as the challenges. It's not easy to find joy in the trials, but it builds our character, tames our temperament and strengthens our resiliency. James 1:2-4


Favourite Outset Product: 

Because I enjoyed doing this one with my son, Holy Night Family Puzzle. We love all the Family Pieces 350 puzzles introduced in 2017!

Contact Info: 

Send Linda an email | 250-592-7374 x210 | toll free: 1-877-592-7374 x210