Iain Lang, Canadian Account Manager

In an effort to re-locate to my favourite Vancouver Island, I joined a bright, committed and energetic board game company called Outset Media. That was well over a decade ago! With a great cross section of young minds and creativity I have been excited to be part of this ever-growing team. I am one of only two certified ‘grandfathers’ in the company and was asked by my colleagues to help write the Professor Noggin’s History of Canada – based on my own personal experiences! I ignored the request and, being an incurable animal lover, I wrote Professor Noggin’s Pets instead.

Pranks, laughter and bouncing around new game ideas is a wonderful daily occurrence. However, nothing takes precedence over our standards for customer service and that is one thing that I hold close to my heart. I also get excited when ‘trade show’ time rolls around as I get a chance to meet face to face with our wonderful customers. Many of my funniest work memories happened at trade shows. What happens at trade shows, stays at trade shows!

Away from the office you will find me traveling abroad, kayaking and camping with my wife Leanne or hiking around in the early hours with a camera glued to my head! Not everyone is a morning person like me!

Favourite Outset Product: 

My two favourite Outset Media games are What? (when I am with a group of friends) or Pick Two Deluxe (when I’m not!).

Contact Info: 

Send Iain an email | 250-592-7374 x205