Dylan Durand, Chief Operating Officer

I have been with Outset Media since 2001, and work in operations and IT. When I am not busy taking a break with my feet on my desk, I can usually be found eating lunch or socializing near the water cooler. After all, I deserve to nap during business hours since my three kids keep me busy with hockey, basketball, swimming, soccer, music, homework, and more. The best part of my job is trying to explain something technical to the boss – even though his eyes glaze over while he stares at the ceiling, I really do think he is interested! My colleagues at Outset are GREAT, especially the ones who like to bring their leftover baking to the office (in case you are wondering, pecan chocolate chunk cookies are my FAVOURITE).


Favourite Outset Product: 

Family Charades-In-A-Box Compendium, because I loves to act up.

Contact Info: 

Send Dylan an email| 250-592-7374 x203