Dave Manga, President

Arguably the smartest man in North America, David Manga, is easily the hardest working. He’s so eager to get to work each morning that he often neglects to eat, shave, or shower, to the dismay of everyone else in the office.

The truth is, he often arrives first and leaves last in order to monitor the recycling. Aside from clean dishes, he's obsessed with recycling. We're not kidding. So if you ever visit our office, be sure to rinse out any containers before putting it in the soft plastic, hard plastic, paper, or bottles & can bin or you will likely never be invited back again. And hey, if the recyclable material is dirty, please don't put it in the recycling bin for Pete's sake!

Dave would have written his own profile, but he couldn’t find his desk...or maybe he was too busy writing his new blog!

Favourite Outset Product: 

Pick Two!  

Contact Info: 

Send Dave an email | 250-592-7374 x202