Corey Whelen, Customer Relations & Board Game Addict

Hey! My name’s Corey and I’m a functioning board game addict. My collection has over 60 games currently, and the bookcase they occupy is slowly sinking into the ground. I get unreasonably excited about spinners, sprues and specialty dice, and I take every opportunity to engage my friends with games that are fun, unique, and a little off the beaten path!

I’ve lived in Victoria since 2015. I graduated from UVIC in 2017 but you might recognize me from my time as “Fun Finder” for a local radio station. I love exploring the city, working on my art, and learning more about my beautiful country! (Good thing Outset Media has so many amazing trivia games!) 

Favourite Outset Product: 

Canada-Opoly has been on the family game-shelf for years. It is the best version of Monopoly, BELIEVE IT!

Contact Info: 

Send Corey an email | 250-592-7374 x214