Game Inventors

So you have a game idea?    Fantastic!!  But seriously, do you really think your traditional board or card game can compete with the big guys in this video age world?  Are you that inventive?  Yes?  Awesome, we think so too! 

But unfortunately, we don’t take submissions.

It’s not because we don’t like you.  Or, think that your game idea will stink.  It’s simply to protect our business.  We have so many ideas in the hopper from the decades that your idea may be similar to ours.  Taking that chance is dangerous for us.  Red alert, red alert!!  If we listened to your idea, but don’t make your game, and instead make our version (which may be similar), well…then you’ll probably want to put on the boxing gloves and duke it out UFC style. 

As you can see, I’m more of a ball park kind of guy.  Not Muay Thai.  So, I’d rather keep my head where it’s at and let you take your success to someone else better suited for you. 

But check out Discover Games, now The Toy and Game Inventors Conference in Chicago, as they help inventors out! 

I do appreciate that you thought of us.  Thank you and good luck.

Dave Manga